An open letter to Rebecca Anne

Hi Folks-

She's here! Quite a change from the ultrasound picture.

Quick stats so I can grab a couple of hours sleep:

Rebecca Anne Steinberg.  Born in Danbury hospital at 12:17am on 27 February.  Mom got to the hospital at around 11pm, and the fun really started around 11:30.  Not enough time to even administer drugs, so against her better judgement the whole thing was medication free!


7 lb 5 oz, 20 " long.  She's got a full head of hair (dad is jealous).  Mother and baby are fine.

The obligatory photos begin here: one  two  three  four  five  six  seven



Dateline London, 26 Jan 2002:

Robin and Michael's baby arrived first!  No real surprise since they got a good head start.  Somehow, Michael got Robin's ok to bring a camera, though the photos released are (happily) long enough after the birth for everyone to have regained composure.  It doesn't hurt that the drugs were able to kick in fully for the parents as well.

Lauren Mae Brantley and Robin can be seen here.  They look amazingly good for people who have just been through an experience with any facility even related to the British National Health...clearly there were private physicians involved.  Americans who are confused should pick up any British paper in the last week and turn to the horror section (front page of the tabloids, editorial page of of the Times and Telegraph).  Lou only reads the first 3 pages of the tabloid The Sun anyway, so anything past that is likely to be missed.