Potential Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons list

Hey guys, Tim here. This is a list that i have been considering for a little while now whether or not to make it into an army, because i like the idea of it. It uses the chaos space marine codex and i think could be decently competitive:

Chaos Sorcerer

  • Doombolt
  • Warptime
  • Bolt of Change
  • Daemonic steed
  • familiar
  • mark of tzeentch

Chaos Sorcerer

  • Doombolt
  • Warptime
  • Bolt of change
  • Daemonic steed
  • familiar
  • mark of tzeentch

x3 Thousand Sons squads

  • 9 thousand sons, 1 sorcerer
  • sorcerer with bolt of change
  • rhino



Magnus the red (a.k.a. Defiler)

Chaos Raptors

  • 7 raptors, 1 aspiring champion
  • aspiring champion with plasma pistol and power weapon
  • 2 meltaguns
  • icon of tzeentch


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Quick update

Hi guys, its Tim. Sorry that it has been forever, but i really haven’t had any time to blog with school and other stuff. I will start updating this blog more soon,probably starting next week.

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Apocalypse battle report: imperial guard vs orks

Hey guys, tim here, with another battle report, this time an apocalypse battle report, with imperial guard fight orks in this massive tank battle, enjoy:

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the unused tactica: gun drones

Hey guys, Tim here, and its been a while, sorry about that. Merry belated Christmas (or happy belated Chanukah or Kwanzaa). Anyway, we have another installment off the unused tactica, in which we are discussing tau gun drones. Now, almost every tau army has gun drones in it, aka on their devilfishes, but no one takes a squadron of gun drones on their own. Many people say that that is because they are contending with pathfinders and piranha skimmer teams for a place in fast attack. We all know that they are useful with crisis and broadside suits to provide extra wounds in the squad to keep your suits alive longer. Anyway, lets look at the pros and cons of the gun drone squadrons:


  • cheap, at 12 points a model, for squad size of 4-8
  • decent weapon, with twin linked S 5 Ap 5
  • Pinning! (that is so important that it got a bullet point of its own)
  • they are jump infantry (jet pack), so you can move out of cover, fire, and then return to cover.
  • Can deep strike
  • decent initiative


  • horrible ballistic skill (2)
  • no combat skills whatsoever (WS 2, S 3, T 3)
  • only Ld 7 with a 4+ save

Now, there are two ways you can use your gun drones in game. Most people use them to screen their units from assault by placing them in front of their units. However, there is another way to use them, especially if they are in a gun drone squadron and not off a devilfish. You can deepstrike them in close to the enemy (or advance quickly with your total movement of 12″ a turn) and try to pin enemy units, especially those whose Ld is somewhat low. This is incredibly useful to slow the enemies approach, as you now will have to deal with less units to take care of immediately.

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the unused tactica: vespid stingwings

(edit: sorry it has taken so long for a new post, I promise that I have a bunch of new content just waiting to be posted.)

hey guys, Tim here. This is a new series of posts i’m starting about some of the least used units in the warhammer 40000 codexes (codices?). Here is the list of units in the tau codex that I will be talking about:

  • vespid stingwings
  • gun drones
  • ethereals
  • stealth suits
  • sniper drones
  • sky ray gunship

Now, on to the Vespids. It is common knowledge on the internet that vespids are horrible. But why do vespids get such bad press, let’s look at some pros and cons:


  • vespids are fast. Being able to move 12″, and also have fleet, so they are the fastest infantry in the tau codex.
  • vespids are also skilled flyers, so you may re-roll dangerous terrain tests, which is very useful
  • Their Neutron blasters are S 5 ap 3 assault 1 weapons
  • They have toughness 4 and initiative 5
  • They can be taken in size from 4-11


  • regular stingwings only have leadership 6, and the leader has leadership 9, so you need to keep the leader alive
  • their Neutron blasters only fire 12″
  • they only have a 5+ armor save
  • the stingwings cost 16 points and the leader cost a full 22 points

Overall I still believe the vespids are useful, you can drop them down with deep strike and have them harass the enemy army, and if nothing else, they can be used as bait, as your opponent would have to deal with them.

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Battle report: blood angels vs blood angels

Hey guys, Tim here, with a game I played on Thursday. enjoy:

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Stormraven gunship

Hey guys, Tim here. It has been a while, I know, but I have been busy and will be busy for the next few weekends, so the amount of posts will unfortunately minimal. Anyway, here are some pictures of a stormraven I just built:

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Battle of salvation grand tournament

Hey guys, Tim here. Sorry its been so long, but I have been busy these last few weeks. Anyway I wanted to tell you guys that battle for salvation is having another grand tournament, on October 7-9. All the details are at www.battleforsalvation.com.

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Interesting mistake

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Hey guys, Tim here. I wasn’t planning on posting anything, but this was interesting: Look at the troops section. It has one infantry platoon, which counts as one troop choice. It doesn’t look good if Games Workshops own employees who … Continue reading

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True space marine update

Hey guys, Tim here. Yesterday I posted what I thought a “true” space marine would be like. Anyway, I found a copy of Games Workshops own “movie marines”. (see here: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2009/12/40k-playtest-movie-marines-in-5e.html) Pretty cool stuff, would love to play a game … Continue reading

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